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Sustainable Cascadia exists to foster collaboration, learning and tangible actions to achieve place-based sustainability within one generation.


We at Sustainable Cascadia believe that knowledge of place leads to a sense of belonging and responsibility to sustain quality-of-life in our communities. Working together, communities can plan and act in ways that result in harmonious solutions to economic, social, and ecological concerns. We rebuild faith in one another and our ability to work together to effect positive change. As community members, we become better stewards of the places we live, based on understanding our interdependence with each other and the environment. We learn and grow personally and collectively.

Our vision incorporates three key elements:
  • Classrooms are connected to their communities to develop educated and engaged citizens
  • Decisions are based on scientific understanding and knowledge of local culture and history
  • Community organizations, governments, businesses and schools collaborate to improve and sustain quality-of-life throughout the region

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The Cascadian Sustainability Passport

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Whatís it about? Specific project here.

This is a social tool that will reduce the transaction obstacles for communities to be more involved in education.

The Passport project is designed to promote the development of place-based sustainability knowledge through collaboration between three groups: Educators, Student Learners and Local Experts. You ARE in one of these groups OR can facilitate their better coming together!
  • Students will have fun gaining mastery of local knowledge and tracking their achievements in the passport booklet.
  • Local experts (including LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS and elders) will gain audiences for their materials and potential volunteers for their projects, as well as increased public exposure.
  • Educators will have access to free educational materials that are relevant to local issues, and thus more exciting ways to deliver curricula that supports official standards (e.g., Washington's GLEs ).
- We want our region to be a great place for us and our descendents to live in.
- We hope for the thrill of the unexpected emergence of positive ideas and results that we canít now imagine.
- We hope for the warmth and safety of increased connection to our communities and the right action that flows from deep knowledge of our local surroundings.
- We want our region to be a great place for us and our descendents to live in.

Sustainable Cascadia believes this system will generate creative social change toward regional resilience through broad community collaboration and improved awareness. Sustainability is conceived broadly to include environment, health and well being, justice and economics. An example curriculum can be found here on page 6

Beyond the online development and distribution of learning materials, student passports will be customizable, with tools such as special maps, embedded art, and other creative elements to make it attractive and useful, with added rewards as mastery levels are achieved. It is being designed to enhance the reputation of the individuals and organizations (especially schools) involved.

Passports can be developed for any age or interest group. Initially, we have a volunteer teacher who will be working with 4th grade students.
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